Sarrah RoseSarrah Rose’s teenaged son was hanging out in front of the home west of Phoenix when I drove into the gated community. I was there to talk to his mom, the sex coach. Don’t make it weird, Stuart. Don’t make it weird.

She walked me around the house out back by the swimming pool. We sat down. How does a mom who’s a professional sex coach talk to her teen son about the basics of self respect, respecting girls and women, respecting any potential partner, in the day and age of porn?

She’s up to the task.

Sarrah has been to India more than once to study tantric practices, best known as a kind of mindful yoga of sex. She began by coaching women only in intimate online classes. Then the women starting asking, “Where are the male partners we can practice with?” So Sarrah began men-only classes. An atmosphere of trust blossomed. The classes of men grew larger than the women’s class.

Sarrah shoots straight. I abide by my rule: we talk about what she wants to talk about. We do NOT talk about what she does not want to talk about. She’s more than happy to talk about what a multiple orgasm looks like for a man. She does not want to talk about her ex. At all. So we move on.

I feel compelled to clarify for my fellow-boomers new to the whole sex coaching thing.

A sex coach is not a sex worker.

A sex coach is not a sexual surrogate.

A sex coach is not a therapist.

That doesn’t mean Sarrah does not complete extensive training. She has. I can see how she might be helpful in ways a doctor would not. She doesn’t hand out little blue pills and wish you the best. Then again – I’m not a student. And I don’t bring her any of my issues – not even hypothetically.

Instead I’m very curious what brought her to the sex coaching world. It starts with a mom and dad who were both evangelical preachers. She left her native Arizona for New York City and a brief life as a fashion model. She worked at Bloomingdales and met the father of her two children.

She’s still close with her parents. They don’t always approve of her decisions but they still welcome her home. She’s back in Arizona after the death of her grandmother. But they won’t stay too long. She huddles with the kids. Where do they want to move?

A couple of months later, I text Sarrah back. We’re posting our conversation this week. I need a photo. She’s back in NYC. Snow is filling the streets. She says its beautiful.


Listen to Sarrah Rose talk sex and men this Thursday February 11, 2021 @ManListening podcast.