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Behind every woman is a great story.


What is ManListening?

Personal Empowerment

A fresh podcast where one man listens to one woman, because everyone deserves to be heard.

Our conversations sound different because they are. They’re all face to face. They’re all one-on-one. And they are all recorded in a relaxed, homey setting. These are conversations – not interrogations or arguments.

Just one ManListening, the only aim – understanding.

So you won’t hear actors flogging films, authors pitching books, or politicians pandering. Instead, you will just hear real women who have faced real trauma and bounced back. There are also no ads, no sponsors, and no beg-a-thons.

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“What happens when one man stops talking and starts listening?”

“Everyone deserves to be heard.”

“These are just conversations – just one ManListening”

“A fresh podcast where one man listens.”


Where It All Started

We are all more than our resumes. Stuart Watson’s journey began when his birth mother gave him up for adoption on the day he was born. His birth mother was a nurse focused on the treatment of addiction. His biological father, brother, and sister were all alcoholics. So was Stuart. “Alcoholism and addiction are in my DNA,” he says. He continues his recovery today.

Stuart, a veteran investigative reporter, had made his living for more than three decades by researching, thinking, interviewing, and…talking. Most people would say he was incredibly successful. He won three Peabody Awards for excellence in broadcasting, and two DuPont Columbia Silver Baton awards, one of the most prestigious honors in journalism. Stuart was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University and a former board member of Investigative Reporters and Editors. Collectively, he has spent more than 30 years in television, most recently at WCNC NBC 6 in Charlotte. Although he achieved great success in his chosen career, Stuart also knows how it feels to be fired.

His last television station gave him less than an hour’s notice before security asked him to turn over his ID. “I completely identified with my title,” he says. “When someone asked a version of, ‘Who are you?’ I’d say I was the investigative reporter at NBC Charlotte, right up until I wasn’t.” At that moment, he wondered if being a reporter was all he was, or if there was more to him than these circumstances. His answers were another reason he started ManListening.

ManListenting – Because Her Story’s Important

One Man Listens

Stuart was proud of his work, but his focus had been talking. Not listening. The turning point for Stuart was the conversation between him and his wife, Lorraine, while walking towards a sunny, Florida beach. She said something that would change his life: “Sweetheart, you are not an empathic listener.” She said he didn’t listen to understand other people’s feelings or empathize with them. Then the woman who knew him best gently added, “You’re particularly dismissive of women.”

Now, Stuart is committed to listening in a podcast featuring the stories of strong women on how they have bounced back from challenges and found meaning in their lives. “When I started listening, I heard things I’d never heard before,” Stuart says. On ManListening, you will, too. Where one man listens for the first time in his life. Because behind every woman is a great story just waiting to be heard.

Stuart’s most significant accomplishments and greatest joys are being a husband and father of four. He brings that and all his life experiences to his role as creator of ManListening.

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You’re about to hear a fresh podcast where each week one man listens to the story of a strong woman who has bounced back from a serious challenge.  Why?  Because Her Story’s Important!

Our conversations are all in person, face-to-face, usually recorded while sitting at a kitchen table or on a sofa in the living room, but maybe on a dock by the lake or in a nursing home. The result is a free flowing, natural conversation, real and from the heart. If you’re accustomed to studio interviews, Skype, or big microphones and headphones, you’ll immediately hear the difference.

Once in a while you might recognize the voice of someone you know. More often you won’t. In a culture of celebrity, the voices of women who are stars get amplified, while most women are silenced. Behind every woman is a great story. We believe we’ve raised the voices of a variety of powerful women who deserve to be heard.

What kinds of voices? “Tina” is a recovering crack addict who lost custody of her three kids. Betty is a retired teacher whose brother killed himself and changed her whole life. Nancy is a top investigative reporter who posed for Playboy and decades later is still body-shamed for it. Leigh Ann is a divorced mom of teen boys recently told she has breast cancer. April is a woman of color adopted by an all-white family. Each woman, a unique individual. But every woman demonstrating breathtaking resilience.

If you’ve never listened to a single podcast, if you don’t know what they are, this is a great place to open a window on a whole new world.

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No. We don’t have any ads, endless sponsor plugs, or beg-a-thons.

No. We don’t have any ads, endless sponsor plugs, or beg-a-thons.

What do we have? The. Best. Members. In the universe. Y’all make it possible to bring a new woman’s story to this desperate world each week, absolutely free. Doesn’t that feel good?

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I’m sick of hearing from men, too.  I’m sorry but I just am.  I’ve been burned so many times that I am done. This not just one more member of the patriarchy Mansplaining women to themselves.

Who needs a man to do this when there are already plenty of good women doing it? Fair question. If you hate all men, there’s not much getting around the premise of ManListening, where one man listens to women, one at a time. If you’re ever open to hearing a different kind of male voice, one not afraid of shutting up and being wrong and trying to do better, we’ll be here.