Confidently manage your money with the help of the men around you, not in spite of them.


Monday, January 25th from 7:30 to 9:00PM ET / 4:30 to 6:00PM PT
Zoom access will be sent on masterclass day!


What you’ll get:

  • Easy money tips on paying off debt, investing and more!
  • Strategies to get the men in your life to actually listen
  • The confidence to manage your money without shame or guilt

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Meet the experts:

  • Dr. Hans [The Investing Tutor]: After reading 400 books, 40,000 financial articles and spending 11 years pursuing mastery, Dr. Hans has impacted the lives of thousands of professionals and placed many families on the path to Generational Wealth. He is the most trusted investment tutor in the country.
  • George Acheampong [Capitalwize, LLC]: A thought leader in the area of finance and entrepreneurship, George is the Founder and Managing Partner of Capitalwize, LLC to consult 1st Generation millionaires to become legacy leavers for their family. He is also the Founder of Melanin Money, the #1 Brand for wealth builders of color and Pocket Advisor, the #1 Financial Social Network.
  • Stuart Watson [ManListening]: Stuart is an Emmy award winning TV investigative journalist who believes her story is important. He founded ManListening as a media company on a mission to highlight the stories of real women to men. His new book What She Said & What I Heard is now available on Amazon!
  • Chris Chung [The Everyday Millennial]: Chris Chung is a self proclaimed girl dad and millennial who grew his social media following to over 12K followers in less than a year based on his easy to learn financial tips!
  • Hosted by Bernadette Joy [Crush Your Money Goals]: Bernadette Joy is a nationally recognized money expert in making money management exciting and fun to turn women and BIPOC communities into MILLIONNAIRES! She herself paid off $300K of debt in three years and is on her way to her first $1M in net worth in 2021.

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