ManListening is a new podcast of conversations with strong women who faced tough times and bounced back, and one man who practices listening to them.

It’s an inspirational podcast founded on the certainty that women have something to say for this moment and the world will be better only when men start listening to women.

Media Company - ManListeningThe “man listening” in this podcast is Emmy-award winning journalist Stuart Watson. “If you’re sick of the nonstop angry man shoutfest making you anxious, depressed and losing sleep, this is the quiet, peaceful, restorative place for you,” Watson says. “We’ve created a podcast where real women control the narrative and talk about their lives in all their beauty and complexity. We can all learn from their resilience.”

Women like Sheri Lynch, the brilliant radio broadcaster behind the syndicated “Bob & Sheri Show.” Sheri and Stuart swap poignant and funny stories about how they survived biological fathers with profound mental illness and addiction that wrecked their families.

And women like Sonja Chisolm, who became a mom at 16 and grew up to start “Gracious Hands,” a shelter for single moms with small children. Sonja reveals how she made peace with her own mother after a rocky start.

The idea for ManListening began three years ago when Stuart’s wife Lorraine told him during a stroll on the beach, “Sweetheart, you are not an empathic listener.”

She said he didn’t listen to understand other people’s feelings or empathize with them. The woman who knew him best gently added, “You’re particularly dismissive of women.” The conversation was a jolt to his ego and a turning point.

“I realize men don’t listen to women nearly often enough, and I was a prime example,” he says. “Men like me have done a poor job of listening to our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, women colleagues and friends. I believe it’s long

past time for a change, so I want to make a difference to lift up women’s voices.” That’s why the ManListening podcast is a place where women lead and men listen, where it’s always her turn to speak.

Every episode reinforces three simple words: Her story’s important.

ManListening is 100% member supported. Weekly episodes will always be free, but members get bonus material and free merch. Find out more at

ManListening is available wherever you get your podcasts. Follow ManListening on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter @ManListening. If you want to know more about Stuart Watson’s professional background, check out LinkedIn.


More About ManListening

ManListening is a media company dedicated to supporting women in telling their stories, and men in active listening to women and asking great questions.

It’s led by veteran investigative journalist Stuart Watson. In the ManListening podcast, Watson engages women in conversation with no agenda but to hear them out, no mission but to understand, in the belief that one voice can change the conversation. His forthcoming book, WHAT SHE SAID & WHAT I HEARD, is a collection of personal discoveries he made after being confronted by strong women.

As a speaker, Watson talks from personal failures about why men can be so terrible at listening to women and how they can change. He also speaks on two other topics close to his heart: using his investigative skills to unearth family secrets like his own adoption, and recovery from alcoholism. Learn more at